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Faolan Newborn Photos

Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a celebration of loved ones who have passed on, a time when family comes together to remember our loved ones and honour them. With his many ancestors watching over this little guy and protecting him, we celebrate them 

I recently got to meet Faolan (pronounced Fay-Oh-Lin which in Gaelic means Little Wolf) and his incredibly cool parents. Faolan's Mom was looking for a creative and out of the box newborn photographer to capture a unique take on the traditional newborn shoot. With a little bit of funny faces being pulled, most reacted to her nursery style in a positive light as she searched on a Facebook group for the right photographer for her. As a more alternative person myself I had a few friends recommend me, and once Mom and I chatted, we just clicked. I've always loved to be creatively challenged, and I love to capture unique and sometimes off the wall kind of images. So if you like what you see lets chat about a funky and alternative photoshoot.

I fell in love with this family, Mom and Dad have the most stunning skull collection, which I was able to pick out the skull we used. They were open for me to try my hand at all the unique ideas I had presented. Please note that Photoshop was extensively used in the cases of face painting, fangs and digital backgrounds and the tattoo. It is not safe to paint directly onto a baby. And as always baby's safety is of utmost importance and supporting hands are edited out of certain posed photos.

In this beautiful world it's very important to have your own voice, to be able to express yourself and to reach outside of the box if you don't fit into it. The world is becoming more accepting of the uniqueness of others. Please leave kind words of encouragement for this wonderful family 

We just had to include a photo of Faolan with his Mommy's gorgeous engagement ring that Daddy had specifically made ♥

Remembering his Grandmother, watching over him ♥

Remembering His Grandfather, even small enough to sit inside his old hat ♥

Remembering his Uncle, and his love for his Mustang ♥

How beautiful are his 2 crowns

Mom also had 2 cool old school gas masks, so I had to do something interesting with the photos hehehe, these are composite images like the Dracula ones above.

Proud Daddy and Mommy posed for some family photos, I just love Faolan's nursery mural in the background ♥

Family frown photo, coz why not hehehe



February 14, 2018

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