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Cake Smash How it Works

Hints & Tips For Your Cake Smash Photo Session:

  • Little ones are often a lot happier in the morning, so booking your shoot for earlier in the day will help make sure we get happy, smiley photos
  • You are welcome to bring along grandparents to have some photos during the portrait shoot before the cake smash. I ask that they aren’t present during the cake smash though, because to many people can overwhelm a baby, especially if they are all trying to grab babies attention
  • It is important to have water and snacks incase baby is hungry before the shoot. Even though they are going to be eating some cake, they still need to be happy for the pre photos.
  • I prefer to do the shoot where baby isn’t wearing a top, because the icing shows up better. However if for any reason you would prefer for baby to wear a top ie if it is cold, a proper fitting white top is best.
  • Some babies have never tasted sweet foods like icing. Please give your baby something sweet a fewdays or weeks before the shoot, to try get them used to it.
  • Bring a noisy toy to grab their attention
  • Siblings are welcome to sit in on part of the cake smash. I will invite them in, once I have gotten the baby's first reactions. We can then get the older sibling feeding the baby some cake and visa versa.

Homework for Your Cake Smash Shoot:

If we are shooting on a location please bring with you:

    • A towel
    • Packet of wet wipes
    • Bottle of water to wipe down baby
    • a choice of some noisy toys that we can use to get baby to look up from time to time

If we are shooting at your home please let me know if you would like to do some “clean up” photos in the bath tub so that I can make sure we have enough time at the end.

What NOT to Expect 😉

  • Photographers are not plastic surgeons, although photoshop can work magic. It takes hours to manipulate photos in photoshop. A photographer needs to work editing costs into your packages. If we have to sit for hours editing, you end up having to pay. I remove some blemishes and baby acne. But do not do teeth whitening or body altering

What You Can Do to Make Your Photos Awesome:

    • Take pride in your appearance, choose a nice outfit for your shoot, comb and style your hair, apply some make up. It not only looks great in your pictures but helps you feel more beautiful during your shoot. Small things like this will really make your photos look so much better.

Last but not least...

Sit back and enjoy the experience of your photoshoot. You have chosen me as your photographer, because you enjoy the way I capture images. You enjoy my style. Lets create beautiful memories together.

For you to enjoy forever...