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Maternity How it Works

Hints & Tips For Your Maternity Photo Session:

  • Make sure you and your family are well rested before your maternity photoshoot. Your Newborn shoot will be a different story.
  • If you already have children, please bring along a friend/grandparent to your maternity session to help entertain them while we focus on Mommy and Daddy pictures.
  • I capture you and your family as you are, the best images come from non posed situations. Let me guide you through the photoshoot and place you in the best possible setting. Don’t worry about your little one having to sit still and smile for the camera. This often upsets them. Let them be themselves and I will capture that.
  • Having daddy present for even just a few photos is so special to have. We all know how men are. I will accomodate almost anything they request, ie not including their face etc, just to make sure they are as comfortable during the process as you are.
  • Make sure you have food and water/juice for you and your children if you have already. Bring some of their favourite things incase we need to bribe them to pose with your tummy.
  • Bring along baby's first teddy, or pair of shoes if you would like to use them in your photoshoot.

What NOT to Expect πŸ˜‰

  • Photographers are not plastic surgeons, although photoshop can work magic. It takes hours to manipulate photos in photoshop. A photographer needs to work editing costs into your packages. If we have to sit for hours editing, you end up having to pay. I remove some blemishes and baby acne. But do not do teeth whitening or body altering

What You Can Do to Make Your Newborn Photos Awesome:

  • Take pride in your appearance, choose a nice outfit for your shoot, comb and style your hair, apply some make up. It not only looks great in your pictures but helps you feel more beautiful after giving birth. Small things like this will really make your photos look so much better.



Last but not least...

Sit back and enjoy the experience of your photoshoot. You have chosen me as your photographer, because you enjoy the way I capture images. You enjoy my style. Lets create beautiful memories together.

For you to enjoy forever...